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Ed and Christy


                                                   September 3 

Dear Patrons of St. Mary Magdalen's Church,

    Thank you very much for accommodating my family and I with a place to stay this week.  It has been a very tough few years for us.   A few years we will probably never forget.  Although we are trying to see it as a good learning experience, we look forward to a better future.  The members of this church have made this little bump in our road a little easier to manage.  Your kind words and generous contributions to our program will not go unforgotten.  We look forward to visiting St. Mary's in the future, a stronger, more stable family and we hope to give back to this program the same kindness and generosity it has given to us.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your time and help and may God bless you all.


            Ed Hewitt, Christy Radico, Bella Hewitt

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